Zirconium For Damaged Teeth

Zirconium teeth

Damaged Teeth Can Be Treated With Zirconium.

It’s not enough for a tooth to be without caries. Occasionally, dental trauma may sometimes require discoloration of the teeth by cracking or channel treatment. After treatment of broken, discolored or decayed teeth, it is preferred to cover with a zirconium tooth coating. Why is this required? Intermittent teeth or disruption of one or more tooth forms often necessitate tooth closure.

Damaged Teeth

Damaged tooth zirconium
Damaged tooth zirconium

The zirconia material is categorized as a partner of the titanium group. is a biocompatible material. Zirconium is a suitable product for use in dental coatings. Especially like back crowns that need a lot of power to grind.

Zirconium Tooth Making

How do zirconium crowns, which are a computer aided production method? The dentist cleans the teeth with great care and care if they have caries. It takes the teeth and the teeth are ready for cutting. The measurement taken after tooth cutting must also be accurate. The measurement to the dental technician is taken to the plaster molds. The tooth model is thus obtained. Once the tooth model has been scanned with three-dimensional scanners, the process is now switched to the computer. Following three-dimensional scans, the design of the tooth is planned through the special program.


They can be prepared in a much shorter time compared to the old porcelain tooth which requires cementation appointment. Great comfort is provided especially for patients from other countries or cities. If the desired properties were obtained in the rehearsals, after the last corrections, the bonding phase was reached. Zirconium material is now very popular as a dental coating material.

Zirconium Dental Crowns Treatment

Since 1990, Zirconia has been supporting endodontics and has been used for transplants. Endodontic post also helps a person to assist in bringing back fillers. Zirconia dioxide is a dental zirconia; This is zirconia in powder form. The crowns from the zirconia are very strong because they are made of zirconium, which was invented in 1789 by a German chemist, MH Klaproth. The multi-use of zirconia has been the field of medicine since the 1960s. Biocompatible and extremely durable. The zirconia staple configuration can be covered with an incisor texture-like area spathic ceramic to form the top color and contour of the teeth.

Zirconium Tooth Crown

If patients do not have much of normal teeth, they may need a tooth cassette, they need a tooth cassette because they want to reinforce a rich, they reinsert a tooth when a cause canal is made, and they prevent tooth slippage when they are displaced. Modified tooth circles can help to improve the overall appearance of the smile, as well as congestion concerns that may occur when the tooth is swollen or not.


Although the process and components can be relatively expensive, they can help the patient recover the normal pleasant smile on his face. In order to have aesthetic teeth, it is necessary to prevent all oral problems.

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