The best tooth appearance that fits on a person’s face is the structure of aesthetic dentistry.
The two methods of dental treatment are more and more successful. Zirconium in dental esthetics dental treatments are one of them. The quality of the material used is very important when it is necessary to coat over the teeth. Of course, the material is not sufficient for a long-lasting, healthy aesthetic tooth coating. In addition to the preparation of materials, the preparation of the preparation of the preparation of the laboratory stages of the dental technician’s knowledge is of paramount importance and attention.

Considering that all conditions are prepared in the best way, we can see that tooth cladding made with zirconium and tooth bridges for material-based heads provide great advantages over metal-bottomed porcelain. The success of the zirconium coating results from the fact that the material is primarily biocompatible. Zirconium material which does not cause foreign body reaction within the body is a material which is used successfully in other branches of medicine, especially in orthopedic treatments. Since it does not cause an allergy reaction, it can be used safely in all patients.

Zirconium tooth coatings as well as biologically compatible as well as another outstanding feature of the female is a very good way to mimic. Zirconium blocks prepared for use in dentistry offer different options to suit the tooth color. The color of the tooth coating to be made and the harmony of the color of zirconium flour used in the substructure greatly affect the success of aesthetic tooth coating. In all zirconium coatings this success does not appear. Because aesthetic zirconium blocks in different colors apply to certain brands. In the case of cheap zirconium tooth coatings, standard substructure color is used. Therefore, zirconium, like the dark reflection of the metal in the porcelain, gives a dull color appearance under the coating when it is not used in high quality. Zirconium tooth coatings, which are carefully applied and used with high quality materials, are applied with higher prices compared to zirconium tooth coatings made with ordinary materials. Zirconium coatings with a value of 700 TL or less are produced with zirconium blocks without any color options. This material is not only disadvantageous in color. Technologically, they do not allow durability and precision work.

The material is heat and chemically resistant to corrosion. This material, which is white in color, seems to be more durable than most other dental covering materials. One of the best materials used in aesthetic dentistry. It is suitable for use in both front tooth coatings as well as in the posterior tooth coverings and bridges.
With summary;

100% compatible with material texture

Does not make allergies

Provides color advantage

Thermal conductivity is close to something natural

Does not cause cold hot sensitivity

No taste problems

It is a material that eliminates all the negative effects of metal.

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