Every day the importance given to people’s appearance is increasing. Especially the increase in the number of selfies with the camera in the mobile phones highlighted the aesthetics of face and teeth. People want their teeth to look beautiful in their best times, the happiest moments, when they smile.

In research, it is confirmed that the care of the teeth gives a positive impression to the other side. The fact that the teeth are aligned properly in our business life and in our private life cause a lot of positive effects. The fact that the tooth color is white is also the most desired and appreciated in the society. Dentists have developed many applications related to the dental aesthetics thanks to the developing technology. We have compiled the information we have received from Dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya for you.

When you go to the doctor for a dental treatment to look good, you may need to choose a doctor who specializes in aesthetic teeth. Usually dentists work for treatment. Dentistry dealing with procedures such as toothache or missing tooth cavity. However, in recent years, aesthetic dental treatment has come to the fore. Thanks to advances in Materials Science, long-lasting and aesthetic dental treatments can be performed for the teeth.

Teeth whitening is one of them. Thanks to the method applied at home or dentist clinic, there may be a change in tooth color up to a few tons.

Zirconium tooth coating is also available for broken bruises or pre-coated teeth. It is possible to provide healthy and aesthetic dental treatments thanks to the non-allergic zirconium tooth coating used in the infrastructure.

Laminate tooth making is also used in limited cases. Orthodontic treatment also has an important place among aesthetic dental treatments.

If the item should be explained by counting the item

Looking more beautiful to people around us

Gain self-confidence


Feeling good

Being healthy



Teeth that do not order properly are sometimes caused by narrow jaws, sometimes with large teeth or vice versa. The orthodontics specialty of dentistry is in place to provide a aesthetic tooth appearance. Orthodontics specialists use a variety of methods for the correction of curved teeth and apply orthodontic teeth treatment. The most well-known is the orthodontics with braces treatment. It is also possible to apply the lingual orthodontics treatment of the braces. Lingual orthodontic application is recommended and frequently used for patients who do not want to appear on their teeth during treatment. Another orthodontic treatment is orthodontic treatment with transparent plaques . In this treatment, the curved teeth are corrected using a series of transparent plates. Each time I change the plate, the teeth step by step. After treatment, the teeth are in the desired order.


Orthodontics prices, lingual orthodontics prices are higher in dental braces compared to normal braces. Although they are economically high-priced, those who do not want to disrupt the dental aesthetics during the treatment have been given lingual orthodontic treatment. Another option of patients who do not want to wear wire on their teeth is the transparent tooth wire. Transparent thread wire is used in the color of teeth instead of metal droplets are used. This way, there will be no dark metal on the teeth. However, when viewed carefully, the transparent braces appear. In non-advanced cases, correction of the curved teeth is provided by the method of transparent plates. The number of plaques and duration of treatment to be prepared after the computer analysis can be determined. Orthodontic treatment with transparent plaque is performed using a series of plaques produced with different brands such as ORTHERO, INVISALIGN, C-ALIGNER .

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