İyi yapılmayan zirkonyum diş kaplama örneği örüyordunuz diyen diş hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya bu vakayı nasıl düzelttiğini açıkladı.


As in our experience, our dental coatings also have a certain life span. Although it is made for lifelong use while making changes in the shape and shape of our body, such as dry mouth causes some problems in our teeth and gums. Just as our teeth wear, our gums change shape in time. Teeth squeezing, tooth grinding or a hard object may require rebuilding the teeth.

Due to reasons such as gum disease in the coated teeth, gingival displacement may cause intermittent intervals between the teeth. In such a case, it is also necessary to change the tooth coating. Rapidly advancing technology and materials science have now developed materials that can be used efficiently as a body coating that is compatible with the body. Zirconium is at the forefront of them.

What kind of problems do the toothpastes have in the teeth?

A tooth coating that is very good at the first insertion with gingiva and adjacent teeth changes due to changes that are lost. It is possible to use a well-made dental coating for a longer period of time.

It should be applied as much as the overcoating material. In the case of over-expansions, the tooth becomes smaller and begins to experience pain. It will also be difficult for the tooth to shrink the surface to hold the coating. Therefore, it is important to make the tooth cut to be done as much as necessary for the coating.

This is related to the knowledge and experience of the knowledge of the physician. After putting all these rules, the measures are taken from the persons prepared. Measure material is also important. Different prices on the market in different prices. Sold with high prices. In order for the physician to use a quality impression material, it is necessary to get the same from the coating it makes. Coatings have also been saved either in the measuring material, in the technical equipment or in the coating material.

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