Your smile is important for us as well as for our environment. It is impossible without a nice smile to see in society and feel good in itself. Dental aesthetics, which are self-confident, can now be achieved with modern dentistry treatments. When smile aesthetics is said, the teeth, lips, gums and many other factors such as one by one or their connections are evaluated. All this is a structure that emerges with a detailed aesthetic analysis of dental esthetics. This structure forms the shape of smile and dental aesthetics are of great importance in society. Factors for an acceptable symmetric and proportional smile are the following.

  • Dimensions of teeth,
  • Position of the gums,
  • Color of tooth,
  • Sorting teeth,
  • My lips are important during laughing.


The tooth color, which we like above, can reveal an ideal smile by changing the teeth color, the position of the teeth, the position of the gums and the surface characteristics and dimensions of the teeth. This process, called smile design, is now becoming more and more known today. When the dentists have a smile design , they pay attention to the red and white balance of the teeth and gums. Lip movements during laughing and speaking are also a part of aesthetics. Data is now taken with the help of photos and videos. During the conversation of the person during laughing and facial facials are evaluated. A list of what can be done for a better smile is listed. Most of the time the study on the model gives the person an idea of ​​how their work will look after treatment. Digital smile design This method called DSD is applied in our clinic. However, these preparations prior to the treatment reveal specific costs. Smile design is not an inexpensive process. In the following paragraph, I will try to give information about the smile design prices.


During the person’s lips, especially during the smile of the image of the teeth together with the movement of the gums and lips is very important. The visible tooth length may sometimes be shorter than it should be. When the gum levels are raised up, the tooth length is extended and the gums appear less during laughing. This procedure can be performed with the help of the surgical procedure, for example, for a while, and can be performed painlessly using modern medical devices such as laser or electro cautery. The so-called white aesthetic tooth surface material can often be a zirconium tooth coating or porcelain lamina or tooth whitening . Sometimes only broken or curved teeth can be corrected to make the teeth appear with the process called reshaping.

Dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya stated that a lot of factors are important in dental aesthetics, all of which can be mentioned with an ideal aesthetic smile.


We mentioned above that there are many things that can be done for smile design . They differ for each person. Laughing design prices are also linked to transactions. In some patients, only gingival aesthetics are required, while in some patients, it is also necessary to treat the tooth coatings with bridges implants and even orthodontics for an ideal smile. It is therefore not possible to pronounce a specific figure as the price of the smile design. However, it is useful to know that the procedures for aesthetic purposes in dental treatment are not cheap.

If you are not satisfied with your smile, your teeth are broken or curvature, even if you are closing your mouth with a smile while laughing, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible. To give you a better smile, you can design a new smile with modern medical technologies.

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