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The popular method of bleaching the tooth color is the complete range of aesthetic teeth. There are some positive and negative aspects of the process applied as part of the aesthetic smile design. Teeth whitening prices are also important for people. In this article, we will try to explain how much tooth whitening can benefit, how long the color of the teeth will change, and the critical aspects of the procedure before the dental coating .

When the price of teeth whitening is done by the physician, we will learn from the dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya how much the price will be and most importantly, whether the whitening products sold on the market are effective. for more information.


Here’s another urban legend. It is a waste of time, because it is a herbal product that they sell with high prices. You don’t even have to say that your money is wasted. Dentists whiten teeth with drugs containing hydrogen proxide and carbamide peroxide. With the effect of oxygen released, the tooth color is opened. A distinct color difference occurs. The tooth becomes bright. However, there is no positive development in products that are sold as herbal teeth whitening and are not known where they come from. They’re as white as you brush your teeth. Our citizens who do not have the possibility of measuring color also drink a glass of water on the money he pays for what he can benefit from the water.


There is no harm to the tooth when it is done by experienced and experienced dentists. The procedure is carried out with licensed materials, which are completely rigid and are permitted to use. Unfortunately, people use products that are available on the market and do not have any certificates when they want to bleach. These products are likely to damage the teeth. Sometimes the correct product is used, but it is not possible to determine whether it is suitable for your teeth and whitening. Therefore, if you complain about your tooth color, you should be guided and informed by a qualified dentist.


As you know, our teeth continue to change color over time due to external influences. After teeth whitening, foods such as tea, cigarettes, coffee factors continue to cause darkening of the color of our work. Whether you have a tooth whitening process or continue with your own teeth after a certain time your teeth color will be already darkened. It is possible to eliminate this discoloration over time with a repetition dose called maintenance dose . So one or more years after you change from person to person, home type whitening re-dose your plan by the physician i Using with the medicine allows the teeth to be opened again. If your tooth structure and the current color can be opened at a noticeable rate by whitening, tooth whitening is a good option for you. For detailed information and pictures before and after treatment, ask your dentist. Thank you to Dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya for his valuable information.


For a nice smile, sometimes tooth coating, tooth extraction, lamina tooth or zirconium need tooth coating. Occasionally, the dental treatments mentioned above with dental whitening will have to be applied. If the tooth whitening process is to be done with the coating, the tooth to be whitened may be in one jaw. Or, the teeth in different regions are called bleaching. Because the color tone for the case is different, tooth whitening prices will also vary. Set for Tooth whitening price

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