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With the increase in the use of implants in dental treatments, new methods are being developed. Surgical guide and implant application is one of them. The best implant applications can be achieved with good planning as we have already mentioned. Regardless of the degree of difficulty of the surgical procedure to be performed, the success in planned operations is less than the more complications. The use of surgical template in implant making is a method that minimizes the risk of possible problems. We talked to the Küçükçekmece dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya to inform you about the templates used as a guide and the advantages of this application. He is the founder of Korudent Dental Clinic and he is a successful physician who applied intensive dental treatments, zirconium tooth coating, laminate veneer and implant treatments. He told us not only with the surgical template but also what is important for a good implant.

Do you use the surgical guide?

Yes, we use computer aided implant surgery templates for a good implant surgery, if not all of our cases. Turkey is in the process of development time because I was one of the first physicians using these templates also had the opportunity to follow. It is now a method that allows the construction of implants with zero margin of error.

Can you give us brief information about how surgical templates are prepared?

With pleasure. For this method, you need to know about the method to understand why the money to be given is 500 Euro. When the patient understands the procedure, patients are satisfied with this impant guide .

First of all, planning is done on dental tomography. The size and diameter of the implants to be performed in three-dimensional images are determined. The distances to relations with anatomical structures are planned.

  • Distance between two implants
  • Diameters of implants
  • Lengths of implants
  • Surrounding anatomical formations
  • nerves
  • Sinus cavity
  • Cores
  • Bone density

considering the plan is made. The rest of the prosthesis and the placement of the prosthesis after the implant can also be predicted. One of the biggest advantages of this feature can not be considered because of the unwanted surprises.


Maybe you’ve heard of it. It is not possible to use some implants as implants are made and their locations and angles are not suitable. The tooth coating to be placed on the abutments is excluded from the tooth array. In cases where aesthetic and functional problems will occur, the implants are not placed on the implant. in this case it is preferable to keep the implant passive because it will cause trauma in the region. This condition, which is referred to as impregnating the implant, is a condition that occurs when one or more of the stages of planning and / or implementation are made.

As experience is gained, this and similar problems will not occur. However, these types of problems will be prevented by surgical templates. It is possible to use a template for a single tooth or a whole mouth implant. In the picture above, you can see an example of a tooth-supported surgical guide for two implants. If there are teeth, the template is fixed on the teeth and fixed in the mouth. With the toothless mouths, the palate is completely closed with the template and fixed to the jaw by means of pins from three points. This is extremely important for the preparation of the implant sockets as planned on the computer. It is necessary to make sure that the Guide fits correctly on the palate. Otherwise, it will not be possible to correctly open the implant housing into bone thickness measured by millimeters.


Surgical guide prices, like everything else that is successful, useful and new, can also cost our budget. The sensitivity of the technique used load

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