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Although the main purpose in dentistry is a healthy mouth that does not ache, bleed and smell, in recent years, it enters into the definition of health into an aesthetic image. It is an undeniable fact that the aesthetic image is of great importance especially in our mental health.

Zirconium crowns
Zirconium crowns

Feeling good in society is not enough just for painless caries or gums to bleed to see social acceptance and smile comfortably. In the 21st century, people want to live with teeth that have no disease and also look beautiful. From this point of view, tooth identity science has created treatment methods that will respond to these requests. In particular, dental coverings are no longer intended to protect the skin from outside. The collections made to cover the work and prevent it from breaking or to provide a beautiful image beyond filling the missing tooth cavity are almost more than the coatings made for the need.
Dentists should approach patients who apply to the clinic with aesthetic expectations, especially in order to understand their wishes and expectations correctly. So the patient should understand their expectations. It is the duty of the physician to select the appropriate treatment for the patient and to give detailed information about this method. Each treatment will have some advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to select the method that meets the patient’s real wishes and expectations.
In general there are certain rules that we pay attention to the appearance of aesthetic teeth. At the very beginning, the nose eyes in the head area are the ratio between the eyebrows and the points of the lips jaw. These dimensions need to be accurately evaluated in order to obtain the external appearance and smile that is compatible with the natural. Parallelism, which is the horizontal axis of the symmetry in the face, must be considered. Important factors for smile. The age, sex, facial features, lips, color of the teeth, shape of the gums should be evaluated separately.

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