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X-rays have different uses in dentistry. The periapical dental x-rays within two or three teeth are the most commonly used imaging modalities in dentistry applications. X-ray images should be taken into consideration when it is desired to visualize the relationship between the bones and teeth in the mouth for diagnostic purposes.
As with any subject, imaging techniques are highly developed and have made great progress with their current situation. You can read the article about dental tomography and panoramic film.


Panoramic dental X-rays, which now display the entire jaw for almost every patient, have become routine. In this way, the general health of the teeth to be applied to the tooth coating or filling will be analyzed accurately with the amount of bone adhesion. In the light of this information, the treatment plan can be done correctly.
Beyond that, the positions of 20 year old teeth are determined. The angles of bone teeth around the teeth are accurately determined. In this way, the shooting techniques to be applied are determined.
It is easily detected by a panoramic dental x-ray if there are undesired occurrences such as fractures and cysts in the cavities of previously drawn teeth. Panoramic dental x-rays, which provide a great convenience to the physician before the 20 years old teeth and other surgical interventions during implant treatments, have increased the success of the applications.


Today, more detailed examination techniques have been developed by using three-dimensional imaging techniques. In this way, the volumes of soft tissues and the depth, width and height of the hard tissues can be accurately determined.

Images taken in three-dimensional tomography show important clues about the anatomic structures and the limits of the volume of the implant before implantation. Three-dimensional dental tomographies increase the success of anatomical structures in close proximity with implant surgery. Imaging techniques such as advanced panoramic dental x-ray and tomography are almost completely eliminated by surgery.

Dental tomography and panoramic film

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