Zirconium prices in Istanbul

Does Dental Coating Increase Allergy?

The use of dental coatings is increasing every day. Dental coating is applied not only to fill the teeth, but also for aesthetic purposes. We had information from dental dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya about the problems that may arise in dental coatings. We’re going to look for answers to the question of whether dental coating is allergic. We would like to mention the non-allergic tooth coating and best tooth coating . First of all, we would like to thank you for the information given to our teacher.

Zirkonyum diş kaplama yapımı ve fiyatı İstanbul


With CAD CAM systems, whether metal or zirconium blocks, it is possible to obtain the desired shape. The preferred zirconium infrastructure in making aesthetic teeth results in a higher cost price compared to metal. Material has significant advantages from other dental coating materials. If we should briefly summarize;

Biological compliance
Less bacterial clinging
Low thermal conductivity
No gum withdrawal
Light reflectivity close to the tooth

Zirconium Dental Crowns and Price in Turkey

Would you like to learn about Zirconium Threading to see if Zirconium Crowns is the right choice for you?

Having a lot of information on the Internet these days can be confusing and frustrating trying to discover which dental treatment is right for you and it is difficult to know who you believe and trust.

Laminate veneer crown


Application of the aesthetic coating with the tooth applied only to the front face of the tooth. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to cut other parts of the tooth. Thanks to the advanced technology and materials science, aesthetic dentistry and its methods, which are successfully applied today, work well for healthy looking teeth. The enamel of the tooth is not eroded, so there are no problems such as tooth decay in the long term. Laminate veneer crowns are very successful because they reflect light well.


Your smile is important for us as well as for our environment. It is impossible without a nice smile to see in society and feel good in itself. Dental aesthetics, which are self-confident, can now be achieved with modern dentistry treatments. When smile aesthetics is said, the teeth, lips, gums and many other factors such as one by one or their connections are evaluated.

Bleaching prices in Turkey


The popular method of bleaching the tooth color is the complete range of aesthetic teeth. There are some positive and negative aspects of the process applied as part of the aesthetic smile design. Teeth whitening prices are also important for people. In this article, we will try to explain how much tooth whitening can benefit, how long the color of the teeth will change, and the critical aspects of the procedure before the dental coating .


The two methods of dental treatment are more and more successful. Zirconium in dental esthetics dental treatments are one of them. The quality of the material used is very important when it is necessary to coat over the teeth. Of course, the material is not sufficient for a long-lasting, healthy aesthetic tooth coating. In addition to the preparation of materials, the preparation of the preparation of the preparation of the laboratory stages of the dental technician’s knowledge is of paramount importance and attention.

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