Implant With Surgical Guide

With the increase in the use of implants in dental treatments, new methods are being developed. Surgical guide and implant application is one of them. The best implant applications can be achieved with good planning as we have already mentioned. Regardless of the degree of difficulty of the surgical procedure to be performed, the success in planned operations is less than the more complications. The use of surgical template in implant making is a method that minimizes the risk of possible problems.

Diş Hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya İstanbul diş estetiği ve zirkonyum diş merkezi

For Dental Aesthetics and Health

Dentists should approach patients who apply to the clinic with aesthetic expectations, especially in order to understand their wishes and expectations correctly. So the patient should understand their expectations. It is the duty of the physician to select the appropriate treatment for the patient and to give detailed information about this method. Each treatment will have some advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to select the method that meets the patient’s real wishes and expectations.

Zirconium prices in Istanbul


Zirconium is the most preferred material in aesthetic dental applications. Satisfactory results obtained with zirconium tooth coating increase the preference of the material. Zirconium tooth coatings, which have significant advantages over porcelain tooth coatings with other metal substructures, are more and more preferred. What are these important advantages?


The aesthetic tooth treatments and the implant are becoming more and more important. Especially implants are applied with increasing success rates in eliminating tooth losses. Progress in materials science and medical science is increasing the success of implant applications. Implants are applied to restore functional esthetic and automation problems as a result of tooth loss.

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