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One of the common treatment options in case of missing one or more teeth is bridge tooth construction . To recover the lost chewing function, the bridge is applied to the free space. Thanks to the tooth bridge prosthesis, it is possible to eat again and have an aesthetic tooth image. In this article, we will give information about how to make the bridge tooth, what are the alternatives, dental bridge applications according to the materials used. Bridge tooth construction is a treatment method used to remove tooth deficiency. Although implant is a good alternative to this procedure, it is not always applicable.


It is necessary to decide first which method is preferred to perform the bridge tooth application instead of the missing tooth. Two different materials can be used as metal porcelain tooth coating or zirconium tooth coating. The condition of the teeth for the application is the most important factor in determining the duration of the bridge dental construction. After the tooth has been pulled out, the recovery should be completed. According to tooth extraction, this period may vary from 15 days to 3 months. The dentist performs the etching of the lateral teeth after the recovery site is healed. Prepares temporary plastic tooth coverings on the teeth.

The measure taken from the cut teeth is sent to the dental laboratory. The laboratory stage is carried out in two stages as the infrastructure and the aesthetic stage. Infrastructure can be preferred as metal or zirconium tooth. Different application can be carried out technically here. These processes are completed within 4-6 days depending on the way in which each laboratory works and the personnel status.

After completion of both stages, the dental laboratory supplies the dental bridge to the dentist. If the dentist has any corrections required after his trial in the patient’s mouth, he is immediately corrected in the clinic or dental laboratory. Bridge dentists should know these processes before treatment begins. The result may not be as desired when they rush to work by showing impatience.

How long does dental bridge build?

After the location of the tooth is healed, bridge construction for the tooth requires a period of about one week. Thanks to the computer-aided manufacturing methods used today, fault-free and long-lasting dental coatings and bridges are made in a short time.

Bridge tooth problems

There is no correct answer to the question of how long the life of the bridge will last. For each person this period may be different. The material used is of high quality, such as zirconium, and is long biodegradable. The price list of the Turkish Dental Association is included in the price list for each dental unit for dental bridge prices .

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