Increasingly allergy problems are not only removing people from allergies, clothing and other substances. The materials used in the attached teeth sometimes directly or indirectly affect our body defense system.

Dental coatings made with biodent material for many years, who knows what damages. It was not only the bad bad smell that was caused by tooth wear, but also after years of joint problems. In recent years, metal allergy has been on the agenda. My wristwatch is allergic, my necklace, earrings, my bracelet fills my skin and the complaints are increasing. Do you realize I don’t know?

For this reason, we wanted to share information about the formation of allergy to the porcelain metal. Allergy is a result of the body’s defense system. That doesn’t feel good to me. But according to the severity of discomfort, the disease may even have fatal consequences. There are people who have lost their lives because of an allergy problem with a bee sting. Fortunately, there are no violent reactions to the teeth. Therefore, you can be comfortable. But don’t relax too much.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions with metal used in dental coatings and dental prostheses are not minimal. You must be vigilant and alert. You got a tooth. If the next day itching and itching began to occur, the situation is passable. You may be allergic to dental. You should contact your dentist as soon as possible. If the metal used is removed from your body, you are not mistaken. You’re sick because of an allergy problem. In this case, alternatively metal-free dental coating, tooth bridge or dental prosthesis will have to be applied.

İyi yapılmayan zirkonyum diş kaplama örneği örüyordunuz diyen diş hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya bu vakayı nasıl düzelttiğini açıkladı.
İyi yapılmayan zirkonyum diş kaplama örneği örüyordunuz diyen diş hekimi Sertaç Kızılkaya bu vakayı nasıl düzelttiğini açıkladı.

Zirconium material comes into play at this point. It can be used instead of metal used in dental coverings, dental bridge and even residual dental prostheses. When the first application is started, a wide range of dental treatments can now be applied with the zirconium material that we know as an aesthetic anterior tooth covering. Since the zirconium substance is biocompatible, its application area has expanded.

The zirconia material, which has increased its physical durability, was a material that was widely used in both aesthetic dentistry and implant therapies. It is no longer preferred as a implant body due to its breaking against zirconium forces used as an alternative to titanium material in the implant eye. However, it is an indispensable material for tooth coating and bridges.

Let us list the factors that increase the use of zirconium materials in dentistry.

  • Do not create an allergy reaction
  • Their colors are close to the tooth color and ideal for aesthetic results.
  • Do not change color on the edge of the gums like metal
  • Cold hot sensitivities are less
  • The production phase is digital. There is no margin of error.
  • They can be produced in a short time.
  • It is a preferred material for anterior dental aesthetics.
  • It is the preferred material in coatings on the implant.

Another negative feature is for porcelain coatings which are also biological factors. Patients with allergy to metal may experience problems that may adversely affect their entire body. Sometimes it can be common itching, fever, redness. Occasionally local redness and bleeding may be seen. In this case, tooth coverings should be removed as soon as possible. Nowadays instead of zirconium tooth coating is definitely not a problem of allergies.

Chromium cobalt and nickel are the most allergy reactions in porcelain metal. Instead, they do not cause any allergies in dental coatings using gold or titanium. However, they can be applied at higher prices than both porcelain tooth coating prices and zirconium tooth coating prices. Zirconium tooth coating prices are therefore very suitable for patients with allergies.

When zirconium material is used instead of titanium containing coating, it is possible to get both price and aesthetic results. Zirconium tooth coating is an aesthetic tooth coating applied with a price of around 250 Euro.


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