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It is now easier to achieve aesthetic teeth with model treatment methods applied in dentistry. Dental whitening intermittent teeth closure, laminate veneer tooth coating and aesthetics zirkonyum tooth coating applications, we can have a more beautiful aesthetically visible teeth. We requested consultation with Sertaç Kızılkaya, Dentist for information about Aesthetic tooth prices. We thank him for taking the time to work in our busy work. You will learn he price of the dental implant and zirconium teeth. Bego implant is 450 $ zirconium crown is 200 €


See what dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya said about aesthetic tooth prices. The aesthetic dental treatments applied for each person differ. For some people, only teeth whitening is sufficient, while some patients may require orthodontic treatment and then dental applications with dental applications. Therefore it would be very wrong to speak a figure about the prices of aesthetic teeth. In general it is misleading to even give a price range. Because the person may stop at the dentist when he hears the price range. However, it is important to note that there are treatments that can be done with low costs to achieve aesthetic teeth.

In general we can say that the price of teeth whitening is around $ 500. Dental coatings are also divided into porcelain tooth coating price or zirconium tooth coating price according to the type of tooth coating applied. In the simplest sense, it may be possible to complete aesthetic dental treatment with a price of 1000 TL if we think that there is only one tooth that distorts the appearance. However, in some cases, 20 teeth may need to be treated for a beautiful image. In this case the prices of aesthetic teeth will be much higher.

The aesthetic tooth covering , which is not found in the metal, is now able to give the image of almost natural teeth. We know that one or two teeth problems in the region are covered before all the teeth are covered. Nowadays, by using good quality materials, a good workmanship can be done which mimics the teeth in the upper part and which is as successful as it can not be understood. If you think you have a problem with your dental aesthetics, the right thing is to go to the dentist by appointment. You will be given detailed information about alternative treatments and their prices you need treatment in the clinic. Total treatment costs should be determined to discuss payment requirements and installments.


Zirconium is the most preferred material in aesthetic dental applications. Satisfactory results obtained with zirconium tooth coating increase the preference of the material. Zirconium tooth coatings, which have significant advantages over porcelain tooth coatings with other metal substructures, are more and more preferred. What are these important advantages? First of all, it should not be allergic to the material used in the human body. Metal porcelain is a condition that can be encountered even if allergies are not frequent. It is a significant disadvantage of metal porcelain to give different colors in different light sources. If you would like more information about Zirconium coatings please visit Now let’s give you information about zirconium tooth prices and porcelain tooth coating prices. zirconium tooth coating prices in the range of 150-250€ Zirconium tooth prices are not cheap at all. But it’s a treat for your money. Especially if you are working with a specialist technician and dentist.

I also gave you cheap zirconium tooth coating prices. If you want, we are following the victimization of patients who go cheap zirconia coating.

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