Laminate veneer crown


Application of the aesthetic coating with the tooth applied only to the front face of the tooth. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to cut other parts of the tooth. Thanks to the advanced technology and materials science, aesthetic dentistry and its methods, which are successfully applied today, work well for healthy looking teeth. The enamel of the tooth is not eroded, so there are no problems such as tooth decay in the long term. Laminate veneer crowns are very successful because they reflect light well.


This process, which is done for aesthetic purposes, does not erode the inside of the tooth, ie, chewing surfaces. During the conversation, the areas in which the language touches remain your own teeth. These aesthetic tooth coatings can only be applied by a small amount of visible surfaces and a thin ceramic bonding. The success of the lamina is made possible by both the correct tooth cutting and complete laboratory work. The measurement material used in this system, which requires very sensitive work, is also very important.

Average 0.6 mm abrasion is performed on the tooth surface. The 4 items listed below with the lamina tooth can be successfully removed.

  1. Tooth color
  2. Thread size
  3. Surface structure of the tooth
  4. Tooth curvatures

This aesthetic dental treatment method can be completed with minimal abrasion in a short time and can be applied successfully by a limited number of physicians. The correct choice of the case is an extremely important factor for the success of the lamina. For Lamina application examples, you can contact us from our contact page.


Lamina veneer dental coatings that require precise and careful work as well as workmanship material as other aesthetic in price zirconium tooth finish . Compared to the Zirconium tooth prices metal porcelain tooth prices , zirconium prices remain higher. Dental treatment prices increase according to the material used and the sensitivity of the study. Special adhesives for laminating are high priced.


Physicians who perform lamina application gain experience and get the materials completely. When a small number of lamina patients are made, the adhesion of the laminae with other coating adhesives without using high-quality adhesive materials will cause lamina coatings to result in failure in a short time.

If you want to do Aesthetic anterior tooth coating , the long-lasting and lasting treatment is also important. one of them. The aesthetic and the beauty of the tooth to be done at the least is also important. There should be a healthy fit between the gums and the areas where the gums are combined. Otherwise, gums problems occur.

When a careful study is carried out in accordance with the rules, coatings that can be used for many years can be used. Dental lamina is one of the successful treatment of esthetic teeth and identity treatment. The tooth coating to be made is determined during the examination. If other teeth need color, it can be opened by tooth whitening method.

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