Aesthetis dentistry and zirconium crowns

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Would you like to know if zirconium crowns are the right choice for you?
In the field of dentistry where new materials and treatment methods are applied with each passing day, we all have some needs. It is best to learn new methods of treatment by listening from a specialist. In this article I will try to give you some information about the zirconium tooth coating which is one of the modern aesthetic dental coating methods.

You may have old dental coverings made in your mouth before. Maybe you’ve had a zirconium tooth finish and you’re not happy. If you are going to have a dental coating for the first time, you are actually entering the lucky group. Because you are about to make a good start. Zirconium tooth coating, which is a long lasting and healthy tooth coating method, provides great advantages compared to porcelain tooth coatings made of metal in old years. In this article, I will try to explain the advantages of zirconium over other coating methods.

Let’s take a look at who needs to have a dental coating.
Those with old tooth coverings,
Those with bruising on their teeth,
Teeth treated with canal,
To fill the drawn tooth cavities,
As implant overlay in implanted patients,

We know the need for dental coating if there is a fracture or fracture of the tooth. In order for the coatings to look like our own teeth, materials of similar quality as the material must be used. Until recently, porcelain tooth coatings were widely used. However, the metal used to increase the durability of porcelain was a material that caused biological and aesthetic problems. Especially, it is one of the biggest negative features in porcelain tooth coatings without changing the color on the edge of the gums. Therefore, the deterioration of the aesthetic image and the emergence of an artificial dark gums are extremely disturbing people. Other than this, the metal used for some people may cause this treatment to turn into a nightmare. Another important disadvantage was the color of the metal. A layer of opaque metal is applied on the metal in order to obtain a tooth color by covering the metal. This layer and the thickness of the metal together with the ceramic on the tooth causes the mouth to be large.

Zirconium bridges and coatings used in dentistry today are extremely durable materials. They can be easily used anywhere in the mouth. Zirconium setup are coatings that have sufficient resistance to the heating pressure of the front teeth and the chewing forces of the rear teeth.

The appearance of the bridges and tooth bridges made with zirconium is very close to the natural teeth. After a good oral preparation and measurement, the quality materials used in the laboratory, together with the work that a skilled technician does, will provide a result that almost gives your esthetic appearance as your own tooth. Zirconium material is biologically compatible with the body. They do not form allergy. In the region where they combine with the gums, the teeth profile is formed like a natural tooth. The prepared coating or bridges are fixed on the tooth or implant in the mouth with adhesive cement.

The tooth coating produced by using zirconium material is a material that can withstand wear, wear and discoloration in daily use. All of the coatings made using zirconium give a natural color. With its aesthetic porcelain which is put on this material which provides durability in the substructure, it can mimic the color and surface characteristics of your own teeth. Especially the importance of aesthetics in the front tooth region has caused patients to prefer zirconium tooth coating without any hesitation in this region. Because the material reflects light like natural teeth. It does not cause a dark color by blocking the light like metal. Dental coatings are fixed in the mouth with cement put in.

Zirconium material oxidation. The porcelain used does not form a normal black gingival line around the metallic Quran. Due to the strong porcelain material used, no fracture occurs. The advanced hot cold sensitivity that you can feel in other dental coatings will not normally be zirconium coatings.

Zirconium Dental Construction Stages

Preparation of teeth in the dentist:
You need to apply a number of procedures to make the aesthetic look and zirconium coating fully compatible with the teeth. In order for Zirconium coatings to be the same as your natural teeth, a little bit of the tooth must be worn. Dental implantation is performed by anesthesia in the mouth. If the work has already been finished, the mouth preparation is completed after some corrections are made when the tooth coating is removed. The physician takes the measurements over the teeth whose clinical stage is completed and sends this measure to the laboratory.

Laboratory Stage

measurements taken on the teeth plaster model cast as prepared in accordance with the rules in the laboratory. After the model is obtained, the image of the model is transferred to the computer with the help of a 3D scanner. Now, the teeth in the mouth with the gums in the computer teeth and gums are transferred in proportion to the laboratory. The three-dimensional image obtained during the laboratory phase is determined with the help of special programs and the shape of the tooth coating to be made is determined. Here, the computer proposes to determine the thickness of the coating, the adhesive cavity between the tooth and the coating, the edge boundaries of the coating. Dental technician can make changes to these settings according to his / her training and experience. In this way, the construction material of the coating is designed. This design is transferred to a computerized production device and scraped from Blocked material. The material obtained by the removal from the block is heated in a so-called Sinnter furnace in order to get a harder structure. After this process, it took an extremely hard and durable condition.

a tooth side edges computer, the coating thickness and the determined share of adhesive cement is ready without error üretilir.alt building material. Then the porcelain should be added to the zirconium coating to obtain an aesthetic image.