Dental Implant or Dental Bridge?

Loss of a tooth means a reduction in chewing function. As you know, the digestive system begins by chewing the nutrients in the mouth to make them swallow. Loss of dental chewing function is lost. Lack of tooth should therefore be removed. Is it better to make a dental bridge by cutting the teeth if there is no implant instead of the tooth taken? In this article you will find the answer to the question. What kind of problems should be done when teeth are pulled out? implant in the absence of tooth bridge bridge? Find answers to your questions. We asked our esteemed dentist Sertaç Kızılkaya, whose esteemed aesthetic and implant know-how and experience have been successful for many years. When the implant should be done when the tooth bridge, the implant should be done immediately when the tooth is pulled, implant prices and gave information about dental coating prices. zirconium on their site and implant dental prices .

In the case of lack of teeth, crushing and grinding process is reduced, while casts and jaw joints are also indirectly damaged. More chewing on one side means wear of the joint. Shooting should therefore always be the last choice. Shooting should be considered if there is no other remedy to save the female. Dental filling is preferable to treatment of treatment such as canal treatment or plating. There are alternatives such as implant and tooth bridge which can be replaced instead of the tooth. However, the best serving person is his / her own tooth root.

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Most of us have a question mark in the minds of the situation is that the implant is correct instead of the tooth. In fact, there is not a single right. Different options may be correct for each case. The opinions of business physicians who have knowledge and experience in this area should be important to you. The dental x-ray taken, your oral exam and your treatment expectations will affect the type of operation to be performed.

After the interview with the dentist, the doctor will give you detailed information about how to treat the patient. Generally, it is directed to the implanted tooth cavity without implantation of bone. However, this cannot always be implemented as a general rule. There are many factors such as when you can allocate for closing treatment to the condition of other teeth at the bottom. The nature and quality of bone may also be limited by treatment alternatives.

The implant is not the best way to fill the missing tooth cavity.

After the tooth is lost, the ratio should be eliminated due to losses such as creating asymmetry, creating aesthetic problems and decreasing function. The drawn tooth gap makes the tilting movement in the center of the amine. On the other hand, the tooth of the pulled tooth extends towards the drafting gap. This situation is very difficult to compensate. Many teeth may require intervention.

Implanting instead of missing teeth is usually the first choice. Thanks to the implant application, the bone in the place of the tooth can be protected. However, if the bone volume is not sufficient in the area of ​​gravity, it should not be insisted on the implant. The presence of infection is also handicap for implant. Bone density and quality should be sufficient for implant application.

If the desired conditions for the implant cannot be achieved, toothless area rehabilitation can be performed with dental bridge application. In some cases, the canal treatment on both sides of the tooth can be broken, large tooth filling. In such cases, it is ensured that these teeth are protected by dental bridge application.


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